Featured Curator of the Week: Michael Carini (acrylicalchemy)

JFeather works on refining the art of graffiti by taking an instinctive, stream of consciousness approach to his art. He experiments with aerosol, acrylic paint, digital prints, and wheat paste to create his personal rendition of clean lined/stylized urban pop art. Jason takes inspiration from everything from the sultry seductive female body form, pop culture, and even nature.

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Swiss artist Edgar Romanovskis does a fine line in hazy, optical illusions. Using a combination of digital practises and landscape photography he is able to draw the viewer into his pictures. View More.


Violaine & Jeremy    |

"We realized the identity for the french independent production company, Emmanuelle."

Violaine et Jérémy is a graphic design and illustration studio based in Paris, France. They are focused on artistic direction, illustration, pattern design, editorial design and web design.

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With landscape as a metaphor, the exhibition asks what lies at the heart of our contemporary utopias. From inspiration in the past and urgencies of the present, to projections of possible futures, the needs and virtues of our time (ecology, economy, social cohesion and technology) are extrapolated and implicitly worked into the exhibition and its parallel program. See more on website Bureau Europa, Maastricht.